The monthly website traffic characteristic is sometimes known as information transfer or bandwidth as well, however all of these names apply to the very same thing - how much content can be transferred to and from a shared web hosting account. The web site traffic can be produced in two ways, the more visible one being website visits. If someone visits your web site, their browser requests and downloads the webpages from your hosting server then displays them on their end. The more visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is produced from your website hosting account. As this characteristic contains the overall site traffic, not only the site visits, you should not forget that incoming traffic is counted too. This means web site content as well as other files that you upload to your account through a file manager or an FTP application are counted towards the account quota. Your transfer is typically checked on a monthly basis and the counter resets on the very first day of each and every month irrespective of your actual registration date.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Web Hosting
All our Linux shared web hosting are designed with the idea to handle the website traffic made by any kind of site that can function in such an account. When you have one or a number of small-scale or medium-sized sites, you'll not be limited by the monthly site traffic allowance no matter what content you may have - plain text and / or numerous images, for instance. The statistics inside the hosting Control Panel provides you with elaborate information about the site traffic generated by each web site and the total amount for the account altogether. The statistics are updated live and show both the everyday and the monthly usage, which means that you'll know how much information is transferred to and from the hosting account at any time. Day one of each month the counter is reset, but you'll be able to see the site traffic statistics for the past months, which will inform you on how your websites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All our semi-dedicated server packages can host various resource-demanding web sites as they feature a lot of computing power. Such websites quite often generate a lot of web site traffic and by reason of this we have decided not to restrict this characteristic. When you use a semi-dedicated server, it is possible to have as many site visitors as you can get without having to worry that you may hit some restriction for the website traffic they can generate. For your benefit, you can keep track of what is going on in the account because we'll give you monthly, daily and hourly stats for the traffic your sites produce. This means that, you will have an idea of the way they operate any time. You'll even be able to view which web page or file has produced the most traffic for each and every website hosted in your semi-dedicated server account.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Hosting
The monthly traffic quota that you'll get using our VPS hosting services is enough for any kind of web site and it is proportionate to the rest of the system resources that are included with every plan. By using a more powerful server, you'll be able to manage a number of sites or several very popular web sites, which means that the site visitors allocation for the higher plans is also greater. In case you start with a low-end VPS plan, you are able to enhance it at any time with just a few mouse-clicks from your billing Control Panel and then the supplementary resources will be included in your existing account, along with the extra traffic quota. All of the VPS accounts feature a server management panel where you can keep track of the used and remaining traffic for the current month along with all of the other system resources. We also send notifications when you get to 90% of your limit, so you'll have sufficient time to react and update if you find it necessary.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting
The monthly website traffic quota which comes with our dedicated server plans will suit any type of website whatever its type. Your web applications can make terabytes of website traffic, which guarantees that all of your visitors will never notice any type of error message on your site a consequence of not sufficient allowance like it could happen with other forms of hosting. In addition, we leave the option to upgrade your website traffic amount open, yet it's highly unlikely that you'll ever need it even if you want to manage a file sharing site or a video streaming portal. The server administration Control Panel offers you correct live info how much data has been transferred for the month to date, and how much is left before you reach the restriction. We'll also notify you any time you reach 90% of the quota so as to be on the safe side and prevent any downtime of your web sites. The data in the panel includes the overall traffic, plus software downloads, consequently it is more accurate than the one in your web hosting Control Panel where you're able to see details only about the visitors generated by online content.