FrontPage Extensions are special system files, which are required for sites built with Microsoft FrontPage so as to work appropriately on a web server. Without these files, your sites will still work, but some features will be inaccessible, that can immediately have an affect on the user experience of your website visitors. When FrontPage Extensions are present on the hosting server, you will also be able to upload the website that you've designed on your computer system right away and with no added software such as an FTP program. You'll just need to type in the FTP sign in info for your web host account and FrontPage will do the rest, uploading or updating the files. Taking into consideration how easy it is to work with FrontPage, you're able to start your online presence instantly even when you have never created a website before.
FrontPage Extensions in Shared Web Hosting
You are able to set up and upload your website by using FrontPage, since all Linux shared web hosting that we provide support FrontPage Extensions. Though lots of other providers stop the support for this feature, we allow you to choose if you will continue using FrontPage or you will move to some other web design app and we have no plans for this to change. Once you sign in to your Hepsia Control Panel, which will be used to manage your brand new web hosting account, you can activate FrontPage extensions for any domain which you host or subdomain that you create with barely 2 clicks. The feature will be enabled right away and our system will include the FrontPage Extensions system files inside the selected folder, so you're able to go ahead and upload your site files without any difficulty. In case you choose to move to a different app for your website, disabling FrontPage Extensions is just as easy.
FrontPage Extensions in Semi-dedicated Hosting
When you have a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you'll be able to use FrontPage to make your site, since FrontPage Extensions are set up on the cloud platform where your hosting account will be created. Activating and deactivating the feature is done with a couple of clicks and per domain or subdomain using your Hepsia Control Panel which you'll get to manage the account, so you are able to easily have a FrontPage main website and a blog or a discussion board script inside a subdomain without problems. Our system will include all system files needed for such a website automatically inside the selected folder. Many hosting companies these days stop the support for FrontPage Extensions, however we choose to leave this choice to you, instead of requiring from you to change the web design application that you use and waste all of the money and efforts that you've invested throughout the years in order to build and maintain your website.